Do You Have A
Damaged Or Blocked
Fallopian Tube?

Your fallopian tubes transport the egg from the ovaries to your uterus, that is, when they are working and functioning correctly!

If they become blocked or damaged, it can greatly impede your fertility. It’s a common fertility problem, and happens to about of third of women who are having trouble trying to conceive.

What Are Fallopian Tubes And
How Do They Work?

They are two thin tubes inside your body.

One is on either side of uterus.

These tubes are a very important part of fertility.

They are the pathway your mature egg goes along from the ovaries to your uterus. After it has been fertilized from the sperm it will grow to become a baby.

When your tubes are damaged or blocked the egg has no way of reaching the uterus, and the sperm can’t reach the egg in one of your tubes to fertilize it. This needs to happen before to have any chance of forming a baby.

Check out this video about how to naturally unblock your tubes:

Infertility that results from tubal factors accounts for about 40% of infertile women.

For some unlucky with women with partially blocked tubes, what can happen is an ectopic pregnancy where the egg becomes fertilized in the tubes and begin growing there.

So How Can You Get Pregnant With Blocked Tubes?

Some women may only have one tube that is blocked, with the other one being clear and fully functional, so in that case you still have a possibility of getting pregnant naturally.

Of course, taking into account your ovaries are functioning normally and depending upon what the cause the blockage in the other tube might be.

If both tubes are blocked you may need an assisted fertility treatment to help become pregnant, like IVF.

Check out this video about how to unblock your tubes:

Symptoms of Blocked or Damaged Tubes

Unfortunately it’s hard to tell if you have blocked tubes because rarely there are any symptoms.

There is one type of blocked tube which is known as hydrosalpinx which can make you have some vaginal discharge and pain in the lower abdomen, but even with this type of tube blockage not everyone will get those symptoms.

Most women only find they have blocked fallopian tubes after trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully and seeing a fertility specialist to find out why they can't conceive.

It's usually after having a dye test performed, whereby the dye is injected into the uterus and passed through the fallopian tubes they get the diagnosis of having blocked or damaged tubes.

If the dye can’t make it all the way through the tubes, it's simple - the tubes are either damaged and/or blocked.

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