Fertile Mucus:
It's Vital To Pregnancy

Do You Know How To Check For
Fertile Cervical Mucus?

If you are trying to get pregnant, your fertile mucus will play a large role in your ability to conceive.

Did you know that without fertile cervical mucus the sperm have no way of making the long and tiring journey to your egg?

When your mucus isn't fertile it actually creates a barrier that the sperm cannot break through, blocking entry at your cervix into the fallopian tubes and uterus.

See, your mucus changes throughout your cycle, and if your body is healthy for conception your mucus will turn to fertile mode only on certain days of the month.

So how do you know when to check cervical mucus? And how do you know when it is fertile cervical mucus?

How To Check For
Fertile Cervical Mucus

It depends on what you are most comfortable with, but there are 3 main ways:

* Toilet paper – wipe just before you urinate and observe

* Externally – you can use your fingers to feel around the opening of your vagina for any mucus present

* Internally – you can insert two fingers into your vagina and sweep the cervix, then observe.

What Does Fertile Cervical Mucus
Look Like?

Most commonly referred to as EWCM (egg-white cervical mucus), this is the best mucus for fertility.

Pictured to the right, not everyone gets this type of mucus, so don't panic if you don't see it some months. This type of mucus can appear as a gob or in smaller watery amounts.

Some women swear by taking Evening Primrose Oil tablets to increase their levels of EWCM.

The main difference between mucus that is highly fertile and mucus that is infertile, is that the fertile type will stretch out of shape, making it much easier for the sperm to swim though and creating an excellent environment for them to reach their destination, the egg.

When Can You Get It?

You can get fertile mucus before your period, after your period - or at any time of your cycle.

Some women get fertile mucus after ovulation, but mainly you will get it just before you ovulate. Right before and on ovulation is when you are typically most fertile.

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