A Bit Of Fertility Statue Luck

fertility statue

A fertility statue can give you good positive energy if you are trying to conceive. If you've been trying for a long time you will know how hard it is to keep the positive energy flowing all the time!

Fertility goddesses have been around for centuries now and have been used to channel and guide woman to healthy conception, and pregnancy.

You can never have enough positivity and good vibes when you are trying to get pregnant.

Will It Work For You?

Fertility figurines are the perfect representation of motherhood and all the joys it brings.

Having a statue or representation of fertility in your home is all about passing on and instilling the positive energy to you. So if you believe you may receive a feeling of hope and positive energy, it's definately worth a try!

fertility statue
Put it this way, many women around the world have claimed using a fertility goddess was the power that got them across the line!

So what is it about a fertility goddess that can help you?

Well, the mind is a very powerful thing.

Belief and faith and hope are very powerful things.

Perhaps it may be this shift in mind-set that is the actual power? Others will argue that fertility goddesses really do have a power of their own that help with conception and pregnancy.

My Experience With A Fertility Statue

I own a blessed fertility statue and it sits by my computer.

Every now and then I rub the fertile stomach, and hope that if my statue has anything to do with my journey in trying to conceive, than I will be thankful for having her around!

Personally, it was when I was most depressed and down, and about to give up on the journey to pregnancy, when I went and got my statue. She has been with me since one month before I had an operation to remove a polyp that was blocking fertility.

At the time of writing this, I only had my operation two months ago, so she's a new addition to my journey to conceive, but here's to hoping she has an impact!

Just remember, if you have a fertility statue you can give it a quick rub to really tune into the power and belief it may hold for you.

There is of course no scientific or medical backing that a statue will work, but if you have the belief and the positivity that it will... perhaps you will end up being like one of the many women out there who swear that a fertility statue was the charm that aided them to pregnancy.

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