Hormones: When You Have
A Hormonal Imbalance
And Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Having a hormonal imbalance can affect all parts of how your body operates, and that includes if you are intending on getting pregnant, and even staying pregnant once you finally are!

It's a fact that a hormonal imbalance is the number one reason most women and couples who are having trouble conceiving have trouble becoming pregnant.

Not having the right amounts of this and that can create problems with ovulation, the release of your egg, the housing of your egg in your uterus, and other endless complications that get in the way of healthy fertility.

What Does An Imbalance
In Hormones Mean?

The female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, vary from month to month depending on what you eat, your nutrition, stress and even with ovulation.

hormonal imbalance
So it goes without saying, a healthy body and mind do contribute to better fertility and could be the difference between you have an imbalance, or a healthy functioning system.

A hormonal imbalance is simply an allergic reaction to the normal functioning of hormones in your body.

No one is exempt from having an imbalance, and you can get an imbalance at any time, but mostly symptoms usually occur in women in their late twenties right through to their forties.

You may experience signs of an imbalance wreaking havoc when you are pre-menstrual in your monthly cycle.

Signs Your Hormones
May Not Be In Sync

Symptoms in women include the following:

- allergy symptoms

- anxiety

- decreased sex drive

- depression

- dizziness

- endometriosis

- facial hair growth (or in embarrassing places like your nipples or stomach)

- fatigue

- foggy thinking

- hair loss

- headaches

- premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

- urinary incontinence

- urinary tract infections (UTIs)

- weight gain

- water retention

- wrinkly skin

More severe symptoms can include:

- anxiety attacks

- arthritis

- chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

- severe endometriosis

- fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)

- interstitial cystitis

- panic attacks

- premenstrual asthma

In some cases you may have too much of one particular hormone and not enough of another.

Unfortunately, even though you may experience some tell-tale signs that they are wreaking havoc, it's not always so easy to detect unless you visit your doctor and have specific testing done.

The good news is, if you do get tested and find you have any kind of hormone imbalances, treatment is usually straight-forward and effective.

Check out this short video that tells you what a great diet consists of for balancing your hormones:

Here's another video that explains some ways to eradicates the symptoms you can experience from your hormones being out of balance:

What Causes An Imbalance?

Hormonal imbalances can be caused by a number of problems not limited to:

- polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

- Ovulatory Disorders

- Cervical Mucus Problems

- Stress

- Glandular Problems

- Premature Menopause

Typically if you have an imbalance, it usually affects you in the second half of your cycle, or your luteal phase (that is between ovulation and your next period).

So, You're Hormones Aren't Right?
What Now?

If you think you have a hormonal imbalance see your doctor. Usually most imbalances can be easily treated with supplements, creams, suppositories, pessaries or medications.

For instance, if your progesterone levels are low (this is the one needed to nurture the egg in your uterus and allow it to grow so you can fall pregnant and stay pregnant), you can apply a cream, insert a pessary or get a needle injection to balance and correct it, making conception a possible thing for you.

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