Implantation Pain

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When you become pregnant, one of the first signs of pregnancy can be implantation pain.

Usually if you do notice some cramping around your ovary or uterus area it may be the fertilised egg trying to burrow into the sides of your uterus.

For pregnancy to be successful the egg must attach itself to the wall of your uterus.

So should you be worried about the pain that comes with implantation?

Not really. Infact you may even have brown or pinkish blood for a day or two as a result of the implantation. The bleeding should not be heavy and like your regular period though.

You may feel a little discomfort and some cramping which can be sharp or dull, and these signs are just your body adjusting to the introduction of something new.

Pain should never be severe, so if you are beyond simply feeling discomfort, consult your doctor.

There are actually alot of uncomfortable symptoms and signs that come with pregnancy, so it's knowing what is normal and what isn't that helps you to feel better about everything.

When Does Implantation Normally Occur?

Usually you will notice symptoms like this anywhere between 5 and 12 days after you ovulate. You normally ovulate around the middle of your cycle.

Detecting whether you are experiencing ovulation pains or pre-menstrual period pains makes it hard. Because if you normally get symptoms of cramping and so forth before your period, it could just be your body signalling that your uterus lining is about to shed (which is what a period is).

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