Prenatal Vitamins
Why Are They So Important?

There are a range of prenatal vitamins that you and your partner can start taking immediately to assist you in healthy conception.

It's better to be taking these tablets 6 months before conception, or at-least one month before conception.

It is ideally best if you've been taking supplements for at-least 6 months, because this allows your body to build up the vitamins needed for optimum conception health.

In particular, folic acid is very important to be taking. It helps reduce the incidence of Spina Bifida in your child. You can normally find a good range in your local chemist.

Instead of buying folic acid on its own, it would be better to buy a formulated pre-conception formula that has all the necessary vitamins for conception health, like Elevit for women, or Menevit for men.

Iron is a mineral that most women don't get enough of. Making sure you take enough iron will help prevent pre-term labor, low birth weight, and anemia.

Check out this short video on why it's important for you to start taking vitamins for pregnancy now, and how they help you:

Prenatal vitamins will ensure your baby and you are getting the nutrients you need. These vitamins mimic what your body would consume if you have were having the perfect diet full of healthy wholesome nutritious food.

prenatal vitamins
Of course if you are a healthy eater, you may already have most of the nutrients you need, but it's better not to guess. You will be hopefully housing a baby and want to make sure that you have the best home possible for him or her.

In choosing your vitamin supplements, it might be best to speak with your local chemist or pharmacy to see what variety there is, and which one is best suited for you.

Overall, make sure you have a sufficient intake of folic acid, and a good mineral iron supplement.

If you are trying, you should have enough of the supplement in your body at-least one month before you conceive to ensure your body already has the support for your embryo and growing fetus.

Ideally you want to have 3 months of supplement intake before conception to really have the supplements ingrained in your system.

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