Can It Help You Get Pregnant?

A lot of people ask the question 'does Preseed work when you are trying to conceive?'

The answer is 'yes it can help you' when you are trying for a baby.

The reason you can use this lubricant is simple, because it doesn't have spermicides in it. A lot of regular lubricants on the market are not recommended while you are trying to get pregnant.

Not only will they create a barrier the sperm can't penetrate to swim into the cervix, but a lot of regular lubricants can even kill the sperm.

Some women have been unaware there are actually lubricants that can help with this problem, and so they have avoided lubrication all-together.

The problem is, even if you decide not to use lubricant and the vagina is dry, you can still get the same problem - where the sperm can't swim with ease into the cervix and up into the fallopian tubes.

This is because without proper cervical mucus, the vaginas own acidic secretions normally kill sperm, so it is integral to keep the quality of your cervical mucus intact.

This is where a sperm-friendly lubricant could be your saving grace!

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Another Sperm Friendly Lubricant

Another brand that is actually recommended for help with conception is called Conceive Plus.

It says it not only helps to increase Pleasure for TTC couples, but it is also:

- Safe for sperm motility & viability

- pH balanced to fertile cervical fluid

- pH balanced to semen

- Balanced to match cervical mucus

- Calcium and Magnesium Ions

- Promotes egg fertilization

- Doctor Recommended

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