26 Top Tips To
Conceive A Baby!

Want to know all the best tips to conceive the baby you've been dreaming of having?

There are countless ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant, and you are going to learn all the top tips to conceive, starting right now!


Over the years I've been trying to become pregnant.

I've felt like there was nowhere I could really go to find out the how to's for people like me suffering from infertility.

I wanted to find somewhere that could give me useful tips . Tips I could try myself! I wanted somewhere where I could talk with others who were also going through the same thing.

Trouble is, I just kept finding dead-ends at every turn!

Everything seemed to be shrouded in mystery or secrecy, or you had to pay a price to find out about it! I thought to myself, it's not fair that there are ways to fall pregnant out there that aren't readily told to people having trouble!

I also felt like there was nowhere to go to get FREE quality information, without someone trying to sell you something.

"I've been to the ends of the earth to find all the best tips, so you won't have to go through the same thing I've been through.

"So here are all THE BEST TIPS, in one place for you to take advantage of for FREE and without having to navigate through a maze to find them!" - Kristy Kirchner, Website Founder.

Your Journey To Conception
Starts Here!

I'm about to arm you with plenty of ways that have not only been shown to increase and improve fertility, but can also help you in other areas of your life, such as with your general health.

You will be surprised and excited to know that alot of the top tips to conceive can be utilised from the comfort of your own home, and will help increase your chances of falling pregnant quicker, so with that in mind...


Boost your Fertility...
Starting Now!

Here are all the best tips to conceive:

1. Learn to Monitor your Cervical Mucus

Your body can tell you plenty, and best of all it can tell you alot for free!

If you don't have the time or money to be purchasing fertility gadgets, or the desire to wait for test results from your doctor, this may be your most natural and cheapest way to predict when you are highly fertile. This is one of the best tips to conceive that you can follow.


By noticing your bodies own pattern, you can actually detect when you are most fertile through monitoring your cervical mucus, without the need for modern equipment or scientific testing.

Find out what cervical mucus is, how you can easily monitor it, and discover the age old secret of how women have used this method to detect their most fertile time of the month to increase their odds of pregnancy, before modern technology took over with expensive gadgets!

Monitoring your cervical mucus is still one of the most reliable, private, efficient and very effective way of detecting your most fertile time.

Learn More! Understand changes in cervical mucus during your cycle

2. Chart your cycle with a
Basal Body Thermometer

Another cheap and relatively effortless way to monitor your most fertile days of the month is to use a basal body thermometer (bbt).

If used correctly, this is a very cost effective way of telling you when the best time of the month to conceive is.


Rated highly in our tips to conceive, using a bbt can also have other benefits such as alerting you to things that may not be quite right with your body, such as your progesterone levels, a hormone imperative to maintaining a pregnancy being out of whack.

Learn More About Charting Your Cycle With A Basal Body Thermometer

3. Use an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK)

Using an Ovulation Predictor Kit is a bit more of an expensive way to pinpoint your ideal time of the month for conception, compared with using a body basal thermometer(bbt)or by monitoring your cervical mucus, but it is still one of our other great tips to conceive. It will help you discover exactly when you are most fertile, or likely to conceive each cycle.

Use an Ovulation Predictor Kit (Or OPK Kit)

4. Stick To The Sex Positions Best for Conception

Although there aren't studies to show strong evidence of one particular way of intercourse being better than the other to help you conceive, some experts have suggested there are definately some positions that will increase your chances of conceiving more than others.

This is one of those tips to conceive you should really take a moment to see if you are giving yourself the best chance of getting pregnant!

Use optimum Sexual Positions for your best chances of conceiving

5. Throw Away Most Lubricants and Oils

Is it okay to use lubricants or oils during intercourse when trying to conceive?

Generally it is best to avoid using anything artificial all-together, because it may inhibit the sperm making a clear path to the egg.

But if you feel you really need lubricant, there are ways... don't be fooled, this is in our tips to conceive section for a reason - because alot of women don't even realise it could be holding them back from pregnancy.

Can I Use Lubricants or Oils and Still Conceive?

6. Take Pre-Natal Vitamins and Supplements

Would you run a marathon without practising or training for it?

Preparing your body for pregnancy is very important, and just like being prepared for a marathon, your body will go through many changes and challenges maintaining a pregnancy.

pre-natal vitamins

As you may know, even GETTING pregnant can be a challenge, but there are things you can do to make your body more 'pregnancy friendly'.

This is one of our more important recommendations in our top tips to conceive section.

Take Pre-Conception Multi-vitamins for optimum pregnancy preparation

7. Check your Medication isn't Interfering with
Your Ability to Conceive

What you consume can go directly or indirectly to your baby during pregnancy, and infact some things you ingest may even prevent you from falling pregnant to begin with, so it's good to know what medications should be avoided (if it is possible for you to avoid certain types).

You should always consult with your doctor before stopping any medication, as your well-being is always first priority.


If you can't avoid taking a particular medicine, perhaps you may be able to discuss with your doctor finding an alternative?

Just knowing if a medication is hindering your chances of conception may put you in a better position to see what you can do about it.

Being on Medication While Trying To Fall Pregnant

8. Use Acupuncture to Stimulate your Fertility

Recent studies have shown acupuncture to be of great benefit to those experiencing infertility, and infact, it is even becoming recognised by some Western Doctors as a way of increasing your odds of conception.

One of my close friends who went through endless fertility treatments, including failed IVF attempts ended up falling pregnant naturally after 3 months of acupuncture treatment – she swears by it after having countless attempts at trying to fall pregnant for years.


She was very thankful to have discovered acupunture because for her, time was ticking because as she had a problem where her eggs matured and were declining very quickly. Her eggs were that of a 47 year old, but she was only in her late 20's.

Acupuncture For Fertility

9. Not too Skinny, Not too Big:
Maintain your Ideal Body Weight

Do you know if you are the ideal weight to fall pregnant? Do you know your odds of conception greatly increase being the right weight for your height? That means not being too underweight or not being too overweight, find out what your ideal weight should be, through a Body Mass Indexer (BMI) test.


It's quick, simple, and might give you a better indication of where your health is at, so you can find out if this is an area you may need to pay attention to, in helping you conceive.

Maintaining your Ideal Body Weight to Increase your Chances of Pregnancy

10. Exercise to Increase your Fertility Levels

Exercise is not only important for your overall health, but it can be beneficial in helping you fall pregnant, and then maintaining a pregnancy.


Some women even have diabetes when they are pregnant, and the advice a Doctor may give to them is to eat healthy and to do some form of exercise.

What Exercise Can You Do to Increase Your Fertility

11. Eat A Balanced Diet

No doubt you've heard the saying 'you are what you eat', well in many respects it's true! Eating healthily, or eating a balanced diet, helps your body run more efficiently.


Rated hightly on our must do's of our tips to conceive, eating well will do much more than help you to maintain your ideal weight - like choosing an optimum petrol for your car, it will help you run better too, if you are putting the right things into your body.

The Perfect Eating Plan For a Balanced Diet

12. Adopt Good Sleep Patterns

Did you know that sleep is not only integral to your quality of life and overall health, but also greatly impacts on your fertility?


Lack of sleep can really affect your reproductive system. There is even some research suggesting that over-exposure to artificial lighting can wreak havoc with your reproductive system, so maybe you might want to shorten your time sitting in front of a lit computer screen or tv, maybe swap the bright lights for some good solid sleep.

Get Pregnant by Adopting Good Sleep Routines

13. Stop Drinking Alcohol!

It is best to avoid alcohol all-together if you are trying to fall pregnant, it's even more important to avoid alcohol once you have fallen pregnant, that's because there have been cases of babies having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome when born (FAS), this can lead to complications with your child during their life.

alcohol and fertility

Will Drinking Alcohol Whilst Trying to Conceive Effect Your Chances of Conception?

14. Stop Stressing!

Stress can affect your ability to conceive. There are many ways in which it can reduce your chances of conception.

fertility advice

It's in our tips to conceive because stress really does impact your health, state of mind, and for alot of women, their ability to conceive.

How Stress Can Affect your Fertility And Ability to Conceive

15. Quit Smoking

Tobacco smoking effects your chances of conception in many ways. It is best not to smoke at all. Don't underestimate the effects it can have on your fertility.

This tip actually has to be one of the most important ones for you to follow in our tips to conceive, if you are currently a smoker, or even around someone who smokes all the time.


The Effects of Smoking on Trying To Conceive

16. Listen to Your Body-Clock

Many women are putting off starting a family later and later. That's why this important tip has made it into our tips to conceive.

Women today want it all - the career, to be able to travel, to enjoy life with their partner... the reasons are countless, but it's a sad fact that age does matter when it comes to a woman's fertility.

alarm clock

Your age and your chances of conceiving a baby

17. Eliminate Toxins from your
Diet and Environment

Did you know there are some things that may be preventing you from falling pregnant?

For example, you may think eating tuna everyday is healthy - but did you know that if you eat too much, you may have high mercury levels which becomes a toxin in your body and may hinder you from falling pregnant?

How Toxins Can Affect Your Ability to Conceive

18. Brush up on your Hygiene

Out of all the tips to conceive this is one alot of us don't give much thought to, but should.

Hygiene is very important, and that also goes for when you are trying to fall pregnant. Did you know your dental hygiene can even affect your fertility?

How Your Hygiene Affect Your Chances of Falling Pregnant

19. Enlist a Fertility Goddess!

Maybe you don't believe in all the hype, or statues and goddesses, but you know what, sometimes it's about creating a little more positivity, and maybe even putting lady luck on your side.

fertility goddess

Yes this one has made it into our top tips to conceive! That's because many women have sworn by it, and if it works for others, why couldn't it work for you?
Get Some Help From Your Fertility Goddess!

20. Keep the Testicles Cool

It's not just your fertility that matters when you are trying to have a baby, infact, his fertility is just as important.

Many women make the mistake of believing it is something that is wrong with them that prevents them being able to fall pregnant, but in alot of instances, the male may have the problem.

Here's the good news, alot of problems discovered, are fixable. And some are even avoidable!

His Fertility - Why Keeping The Testicles Cool Is Important

21. Get a Sperm Test Done

If you are in doubt, it's always a great idea to have your partner get a sperm test done. This can just ease your mind or give you a better standing on matters if you are unsure as to why it's taking you both that bit longer to fall pregnant.

There are benefits in knowing if there is an underlying problem, that's because you can sometimes do something to rectify the underlying problem, putting you in good stead for improved chances on falling pregnant.

His Fertility: Getting a Sperm Test

22. Have a Fertility Check-Up
at your Local Doctor

One of our other highly recommened top tips to conceive is seeing a docotr or fertility specialist!

If you have been trying for a while now, don't sit there wondering and agonising, go to a Doctor. Have them do a fertility check-up on you and your partner.

Visit Your Doctor For A Fertility Check-Up

23. Use An Ovulation Calculator To Time Your Intercourse

You can time your intercourse with the most fertile time of the month. Discover when that is by using an ovulation calculator.

Intercourse around the date you ovulate will certainly put the odds in your favour for conception.

Use An Ovulation Calculator To Time Your Intercourse

24. Check Your Cervix

Checking your cervix is one way you can increase your odds of falling pregnant. That's because you can tell when your most fertile time of the month is. Best of all, this method is free, and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

This is one of the top tips to conceive that you can utilise for free, and in the comfort of your own home!
Learn How To Check Your Cervix Here

25. Calculate From When You Menstruate

Wondering when your next period will arrive? Or, if you are planning to have a baby, when your next ovulation will occur?

With our Menstruation Calendar gadget, simply record when your last period started, how long it lasted, and the length of your cycle to find out when your next period should arrive and when you'll be ovulation.

This gadget is a perfect tool for women (and men!) who don't want to have to circle dates on a calendar every month just to guess what comes next.

Use Our Menstruation Calculator Here

26. Use Herbs For Fertility

One of the other top tips to conceive are the use of herbs!

Fertility herbs and vitamins may be able to help you fall pregnant quicker. That's because they might address deficiencies in your body that are preventing you from falling pregnant.


See Our List Of The Best Herbs For Fertility

Use any of the above top tips to conceive, and you're likely to have an easier time trying to get pregnant!

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