Wild Yam Benefits:
How Can It Help YOU Get Pregnant?

Wild yam benefits your fertility in many ways. Not only is it good for relieving menstrual cramps, but it is even known for helping arthritis pain. Its benefits go beyond just helping fertility.

The wild yam supplement is nourishing to your reproductive system, and not only that, it can help with your sexual stimulation.

This can be very useful and beneficial if you are trying to have a baby, because if you have been trying for a while, it can be difficult to always be ready for intercourse, especially when you are trying to time it properly with your cycle.

Wild yam can also help with premenstrual problems and even menopause, what's more is it helps support healthy breast tissue.

You may have heard that wild yam was once used to prevent women from being able to conceive, and that is true. It was used in birth control pills. But don't be alarmed because taken in small doses from day one of your cycle through to ovulation, it actually helps you to conceive.

Taken in small doses (10 to 20 drops of the herb daily up to ovultion each cycle) it actually helps to regulate your cycle. So this herb is of particular benefit for women who experience irregular cycles.

How does wild yam work to regulate your cycle?

Wild yam helps by balancing your hormones. Alot of women who have irregular or dysfunctional cycles have an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone. Wild yam can bring that back into balance.

This powerful herb has even been shown to help with weight loss, fibroids, cysts and thyroid problems.

There's no doubt this powerful little herb shouldn't be overlooked if you are having trouble conceiving. Particularly if your cycle is irregular you may want to consider this herb to aide in conception.

Of course, like anything, it pays to consult a health practitioner before doing anything. Wild yam benefits women in many ways, maybe it might benefit you too?

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